About Us

Global Circle Recycling (GCR) is a full-service asset-based recycling company that handles plastic, metal, paper, pallets, and cardboard products throughout North America. For more than two decades, we have developed and gained significant experience servicing small, medium, and large businesses that have made significant positive impacts on the environment.

Global Circle Recycling takes a holistic approach to reduce waste and minimizing your administrative burden.

Our company capabilities include but are not limited to:

  • Provide services that help our customers avoid or reduce landfill cost
  • Deliver industrial recycling services for large scale Manufacturing Plants, Distribution Centers, Grocery Distribution, and MRF Operations
  • Expand customers’ bottom line by uncovering new revenue opportunities within your waste stream
  • Paper Document Destruction
  • Industrial Shredding Services
  • Advance your sustainability goals by reducing your environmental impact
  • Deliver state of the art systems and new technologies to help your company become more environmentally sustainable
  • Provide high quality and cost-effective services
  • Industrial and Commercial Waste Optimization & Handling

We have the capability throughout the United States to serve customers and suppliers nationwide. However, the core service region is the southeastern USA.


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