Recycling Services

Almost everything your company is disposing of is probably of value in some manufacturing process. With market leaders continually focusing on how to increase the number of closed-loop processes they implement, more and more materials are becoming useful. At Global Circle Recycling, one of the nation’s fastest growing recycling companies, we have the ability to seek out buyers who are using waste in innovative and globe-changing ways.

Following is just a brief list of recycling services we provide, if you don’t see your items on this list, please call us for a custom commercial waste management program.

  •  Cardboard OCC recycling (baled and loose)
  •  Paper recycling (office, magazines, books, packaging, junk mail, and more)
  •  Tissue Recycling – virgin pre-consumer
  •  Plastics recycling – HDPE and LDPE (Codes 1-6, See detailed plastics recycling breakdown here)

You can have your material picked-up together or we can focus on homogeneous items.

If you have a significant amount of waste but don’t think it is recyclable, please call us. We have been able to find safe, effective, productive ways to recycle many diverse materials.

We also provide comprehensive secure production destruction services.

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